Datamax Printer Ribbon

Datamax Printer Ribbon

​Honeywell completed its acquisition of Datamax-O’Neil on July 14, 2016. Datamax-O’Neil was a global manufacturer of fixed and mobile printers used in a variety of retail, warehouse and distribution, and healthcare applications.


Description of Datamax Printer Ribbon

Honeywell completed its acquisition of Datamax-O’Neil on July 14, 2016. Datamax-O’Neil was a global manufacturer of fixed and mobile printers used in a variety of retail, warehouse and distribution, and healthcare applications.

Today, Honeywell Datamax’s printer lineup includes: A-Class Mark II, H-Class, I-Class Mark II, M-Class Mark II, p1120n Performance Near-Edge Industrial printers, E Class Mark III, Ovation, Datamax DMX 600, and Datamax DMX 800 printers.

Datamax Printer ribbon types including general purpose, Datamax Wax ribbons, Datamax Wax/Resin, Datamax Resin plus for the extremely durability, Datamax Ultra Durable Resin, and more.

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Datamax Ribbon

Technical Support:Common causes of 'Ribbon Wrinkle'on a thermal printer


Below are the most common causes of 'Ribbon Wrinkle' on any thermal printer, by wrinkle it is meant as voids appearing on the printed label.

Ink is scratching off the label as it is fed through the printer


● Printers Hardware: A-Class Mark II [G2], E-Class Mark III, H-Class, I-Class, I-Class Mark II, M-Class Mark II


Ribbon Wrinkle, what causes it and how to correct it.

Media drift

If the media/label shifts as it is being fed through the printer, the ribbon will try and follow the media, thereby causing a wrinkle effect on the printed label. Ensure that the media has a straight path through the printer, make sure that when it is mounted on the supply hub, it is pushed hard against the printer centre plate, and does not move on the hub. Make sure that the media guide is pushed against the side of the media as the media passes through the printhead mechanism, also please note newer printers the media is not supposed to be tight up against the centre plate, it is purposefully meant to align with the small notch in the tear bar.

Ribbon width

Ideally the width of the ribbon being used should be around 10mm wider than the label + Backing paper, excessive label width can create issues. Load the ribbon onto the ribbon supply hub, as the ribbon supply hub is a segmented hub, where the ribbon mounts try to avoid over lapping two segments, this can cause issues with ribbon tension, and this in turn can artificially create ribbon error messages. On some occasions it may be seen that the ribbon tension on the input side is not correct, if you observe the ribbon as it is being fed into the printhead assembly the ribbon should have even tension as it is pulled off of the supply hub, should this not be the case, at the lower end of the printhead assembly there is a crossed headed screw sunk into the casting, releasing this screw allows for adjustment of the small ribbed roller behind, this has an offset bush and as it is rotated you can see the effect it has on the tension on the width of the ribbon. Caution should be exercised when releasing this screw as the head is very soft, and damage means that you would need to replace the screw.

Printhead Alignment

The biggest cause of wrinkle, it is imperative that the burn line of the printheads aligns across the complete width of the label, small variations can create wrinkle. Load full width labels, and release the two green pressure buttons on top of the printhead so they are in the upper position. Now from the printers ‘TEST’ select ‘Quality Label’ print two labels, now look at the second printed label, and examine the leading edge (The first part out of the printer) of the label, and see where the printing starts it is imperative that the distance MUST be equal across the full width of the label, any variation no matter how small will have an effect. Printhead alignment is best left to someone who has been trained to carry this out.

Print position

If the printed label is being printed too close to the edge of the label, this can create tension issues as the strength of the ribbon may be effected. Without making any changes to the label format being sent, use the printers column adjustment setting to move the printed data either to the left or right side, this adjustment is set in dots so very fine adjustments can be made. The setting is found on the printer ‘Menu’ > ‘Print Control’ > ‘Custom Adjustments’ > ‘Column Adjustment’.

Printhead levelling

On the top front of the printhead assembly is a small green dial, this is used after full width printhead alignment has been carried out adjust for a narrower width label, and should be turned as the printer is printing, and when full width printing is seen that is the setting to be used.

The above represents the largest causes of ribbon wrinkle, and can be applied to any printer, it cannot be stressed too greatly that point Printhead Alignment is perhaps the most crucial adjustment, this MUST be correct, as without this wrinkle will simply not go away.

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