Edge Ribbon For Near Edge Printers

Edge Ribbon For Near Edge Printers

Printing ink dries instantly, clear and clean printing, no pollution.


Near Edge Wax Resin Ribbon

KM200N, Near edge wax resin ribbon used for thermal transfer TTO machines, the printing speed is up to 20 meters/second. It can print on a variety of food and drug packaging ingredient lists and production dates. It has excellent printing results, anti-scratch, solvent-free back coating, no pollution, anti-static. It could protect the printing head and extend the life of the printing head for more than 3 years.


Advantages of our Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons Performance:

  • Printing ink dries instantly, clear and clean printing, no pollution.

  •  Printing resistance to high temperature, friction resistance, excellent adhesion, beautiful durable, no solvent pollution. 

  •  Kuanlang TTO is suitable for all kinds of on-line coding printing. It can be used for the thermal heat transfer printer of Markem, Viedojet, Dikai, Yanjie, and others. It is able to print clear and reliable high-quality information on flexible packaging, bag, shallow-disk packages, vacuum packaging, or labels.

  • Applicable to food, medicine, daily chemicals, agriculture and vegetable, and so on.


Application machines:

Videojet DataFlex 6420 55*600m out w/r & r

Videojet DataFlex 6320 55*600m,33*600m out w/r & r

Videojet DataFlex Plus 55*600m, out w/r & r

Smart DATE X 40 55mm*600m33mm*600m in w/r & r

Smart DATE X60 55mm*600m in w/r & r

Smart DATE X60s 55mm*600m in w/r & r INKSTAR can supply 910mm*18500m jumbo roll.


What Is Near Edge Ribbon?

A Near Edge ribbon is designed for near edge or TTO printer. It famous for its high-speed printing with excellent scratch resistance at wide media applications. Its big advantage is printing at lower energy and higher efficiency with less consumption of ribbons. Near edge printers with their floating printheads will run more than twice as fast at speeds over 26 IPS. Ribbons for these printers are married with labels only for an instant prior to the peel point, requiring a special formulation engineered for quick release of ink from the base PET film. A floating printhead means not having to make adjustments for various media thicknesses, but the image resolution for these printers is just 200 to 300 DPI.


Different Working Way of Flat Head Printer and Near Edge Printer

how does flat head printer working

how does near edge printer working

Our Advantages:

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