Cost-Effective Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax, Wax/Resin Rolls

Cost-Effective Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax, Wax/Resin Rolls

Standard Wax Ribbon – for use on paper labels Premium Wax – for use on paper labels
EWax-Resin ribbon – for use on poly and Plastic labels
Wax / Resin – for use on poly labels


Competitive Price for zebra 3200, avery waterproof labels, Wax Resin Printer Ribbon. Creating a corporate culture with our own characteristics is of great significance for improving our overall management level, enhancing core competitiveness, and promoting the company's scientific development. Our company has built a pioneering and enterprising dynamic enterprise, which has laid a solid foundation for its products with high quality, high stability and high integration with customer demand. Your presence is our honor, cooperation with you is our expectation and our service guarantees your satisfaction. And we had weed out suppliers with poor quality.

Description of Wax Resin Ribbon for Datamax Printer


Thermal transfer ribbons manufactured for most makes of label printers. This includes Argox, Bixilon, Cab, Citizen, Datamax, Eltron, Godex, Intermec, Meto, Postec, Printronix, Sato, TEC, Tharo, TSC and Zebra.


We have always believed that selling good quality products along with brilliant service is the key to winning and keeping our customers.


If you need thermal transfer ribbons and we are the company for you. Ask us for a quote today and see how much we can save you and your business. We can save you up to between 5% or 20% depending on the quality.


All of our thermal transfer ribbons are RoHS and Halogen-free compliant. You can use our ribbons for any industries including food packaging.


The following are our thermal transfer ribbons:

Standard Wax Ribbon – for use on paper labels

Premium Wax – for use on paper labels

EWax-Resin ribbon – for use on poly and Plastic labels

Wax / Resin – for use on poly labels 

Near Edge Wax / Resin – for use in near edge label printers

EResin Ribbon – for use on poly labels

Resin Ribbon – for use on poly labels

Wash Care Resin - for Satin and Nylon Labels


Images of Wax Resin Ribbon for Datamax Printer

Compatible Ribbon for Datamax Printer

Usage and Storage Condition for Thermal Transfer Ribbon

In order to ensure the best performance, please use the following environmental requirements, transportation and storage.

  1. Use environment: 0℃-35℃ ,The relative humidity is 40%-80%,

  2. Transport environment:-5℃-45℃,The relative humidity is 20% -85%.

  3. Storage environment: -5℃-49℃,The relative humidity is 25%-80%, storage time no more than one year.

    Note: Ribbon exposed to direct sunlight and humid environment will cause damage to the ribbon.



About US


Xiamen Kuanlang Technology Co.,Ltd. locates in Xiamen which is a beautiful seaside city in China. Since founded in 2005, Kuanlang has been specialized in the research and development of barcode technology and related supporting material for more than 10 years. We started as a small ribbon slitting factory, but now have became one of the leading thermal transfer ribbon suppliers in China. Today, we have our own ribbon coating factory, ribbon slitting factory and a label factory manufacture supporting label products.


Xiamen Kuanlang Technology Co.,Ltd. aims to provide high quality thermal transfer ribbon for global customers. We hope you can make ribbons with your own brands through our factory and achieve your great success, which also reflect Kuanlang’s desire to establish a win-win and close cooperation partnership with customers.


Welcome to your own factory and making your own ribbons!

Ribbon coating Line

Ribbon Slitting Line


Facing new challenges in the future market, all our employees will continue to carry forward a professional, efficient, enthusiastic and thoughtful work style, and provide customers with reliable and high-quality Cost-Effective Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wax, Wax/Resin Rolls and timely services. In the meantime, we keep on developing new technologies and creating new designs so as to make you ahead in the line of this business. In the future, We will integrate industrial resources efficiently and continuously innovate business models with a global perspective.
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