TTO Thermal Transfer Printer Head Module

TTO Thermal Transfer Printer Head Module

Mar 26, 2020

The 8018 series printing module is designed to be used with all 8018 series printer versions. Modular design means it can

It is used for intermittent printer versions and continuous printer versions. The module can also be easily moved from the left

The version is changed to the right version (L) and (R).

The print module (A) is equipped with a spring-loaded quick-release system (B) for print head movement. Printhead kit

(C) Connect to this system through the adapter board (D).

TTO thermal transfer printer printing system components:

The printing system contains 24V electromagnetic coil (A), transmission device (B), printing module box (C), and printing module box

Equipped with gimbal printhead kit (D) and thermally conductive printhead (E).

Pusher reel (F) is used to separate inkjet ribbon and substrate after printing

2. The printing system of TTO thermal transfer printer:

After the solenoid (A) starts (1), the transmission (B) rotates to the lower position. (2)

The actuator then moves the print head kit (D) into contact with the substrate ready for printing. (3)