Thermal Transfer Ribbon Industry Standard

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Industry Standard

Mar 14, 2020

Product name: Thermal transfer ribbon

Intended use: With the support of the thermal encoder, it is used for the immediate packaging of food, medicine and other products

Interested notes.

2. Composition information

The harmful substances constituting the material are composed of film and thermal transfer ink, and the product does not contain

There are harmful substances, other harmful substances, unidentified substances in this item

In the eyes

There are other substances related to occupational restrictions in this project, such as substances that are not approved.

3. Physical characteristics

Physical state: solid film thickness 12-16um film length 100-300m tensile strength (vertical and vertical)

Transverse) ≥180Mpa elongation at break (longitudinal and transverse) ≥92% heat resistance 175-215 ° C

Non-toxic and non-toxic; safe

4. Personal protection

Technical method: prevent bruising. Hand protection: No protection required.

5. First aid methods

Routine: Seek medical attention when preventing bruises. Ingestion: If you accidentally eat, consult a doctor immediately.

Help keep the patient at rest and do not promote vomiting.

6. Potential unexpected estimates

Environmental safety precautions: no environmental safety hazards Cleaning method: ordinary detergent.

7. Handling and storage

General method: The storage room should be dry and ventilated without corrosive substances (such as acid, alkali and temperature).

Should be maintained at 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, the relative temperature is not higher than 85%. When stacking products, press

The direction of the arrow on the box is placed on a flat surface

On the ground and the board, 1m away from the heat source; the product should be kept in the original packaging, in a pile

The discharge height does not exceed 1.2m.

Shelf life: from the date of production, the storage period does not exceed 12 months.

Fire prevention methods: Avoid unauthorized use.

8. Fight the fire

Not applicable

9. Harmful identification

According to "Toxicity Model in Packaging Legislation (Packaging Materials)"

For the "toxic element test", the product is not classified as harmful to health.

This product is flammable and should be managed as a flammable substance.

10. Stability and reactivity

The product is stable to the above processing and storage conditions.