The Choice Of Ribbons, Which Type Of Barcode Ribbon Is Best For Scratch Resistance

The Choice Of Ribbons, Which Type Of Barcode Ribbon Is Best For Scratch Resistance

Mar 07, 2020

Carbon ribbons, also called ribbons, are roughly divided into three categories: wax-based, mixer, and resin-based.

Barcode ribbon is a consumable used by bar code printers. It is a polyester film coated with wax-based, resin-based or mixed ink on one side. Lubricant is applied on the side without ink to prevent wear of the print head. Barcode ribbon Under the heat and pressure of the print head of the barcode printer, the corresponding text and barcode information are transferred to the label.

Users often come up with some requirements, such as waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, scratch-resistant, etc. What kind of ribbons are there? Which type of barcode ribbon is best for scratch resistance?

Firstly, the carbon ribbon printed on coated paper is mainly wax-based, mixed-based, and then there is a distinction between imported and domestic. Before printing, first understand the composition and application of these two types of carbon ribbons.

1. Full wax-based ribbon

1. The full wax ribbon has the characteristics of low cost, good printing effect, and will not spread out when encountering water drops. Can be printed on the surface of the printing material; suitable for high-speed printing.

2. Not suitable for printing labels that cannot be torn or washed with water; although they are printed out, they can be easily scraped off.

3. Can print general copper plate labels, apparel tags, price labels, outer box labels, wristband labels, certificate labels, product labels.

Second, the mixed base ribbon

1. The half-tree half-wax carbon belt has the characteristics of being more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant than the full wax carbon belt, but a little worse than the wear resistance of the full resin carbon belt. Can be printed into the deeper printing material than the full wax ribbon. It is better to print on torn labels.

2.It is less suitable for printing on unbreakable PET labels; although it can be printed clearly, because the half-tree half-wax carbon ribbon still contains wax components can only be printed on the surface of the label; therefore, the scratch-resistant effect is not all resin carbon The effect of the band is good.

3. Can print bright copper plate labels, clothing tags, general copper plate labels, outer box labels, wristband labels, shelf labels.

3. The following is the effect test of the ribbon printing. The mixed-based ribbon printing is the best, especially the brand ribbon. The scratch resistance should be: brand> domestic, mixed-based> wax-based.

Comparison of printing effect of mixed base ribbon and mixed base ribbon

After understanding the types of the above ribbons, you need to know whether your machine uses inner or outer carbon, whether the print head is flat or side pressure, and the large or small curl center.

1). Inner carbon means that the side with ink is in contact with the shaft on the carbon belt, and outer carbon means the side without ink is in contact with the shaft. In general barcode printers, both types of ribbons can be used. Only individual printers can only use ribbons with inner and outer carbon.

2) Carbon ribbons are also divided into flat-pressure carbon ribbons and edge-pressure carbon ribbons from the print heads using printers, which are suitable for flat-pressure printers and edge-pressure printers, respectively. The two ribbons cannot be mixed, otherwise it will affect the printing effect.

3) The ribbon winding center is divided into 1 inch and 0.5 inch. If the winding center is wrong, it cannot be installed on the machine for printing!