Need To Analyze The Heat Transfer Mall

Need To Analyze The Heat Transfer Mall

Apr 10, 2020

Compared with the fashionable and mainstream water transfer at that time, what are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal transfer technology? Specifically, the production of water transfer is similar to that of flexible and bento. It will not be bound by the area and shape of the object. Usually, it does not require special things and equipment (just a piece of water transfer paper), so it is suitable for The plan is more extensive, and the cost of forming is lower than that of thermal transfer. It is suitable for home users, small workshops, and fashionable jewelry stores.

Due to the thermal contact of the image, the image color of its products will be more robust than that of water transfer, and it is not prone to discoloration. It has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fire resistance, and energy resistance. Adhere to the feature of not changing color for ten to decades, so the thermal transfer technology is particularly suitable for objects such as electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials decoration, etc. that have special needs for image preservation.

For example, thermal transfer technology can be used to print trademarks, barcodes, labels, etc. on products. It is also because of the advantages and disadvantages of thermal transfer technology, so this technology is generally favored and used by jewelry stores, printing manufacturers, and building materials with certain plans.

With regard to the needs of shopping malls, with the continuous development of the product economy, various manufacturers have more and more needs for their own products' trademarks, labels, and packaging beauty. Regarding printing operations, the concept of printing is no longer the tradition we remember. The paper is printed. From our daily necessities to work tools, to products in various industries such as telecommunications, decoration, technology, etc., we need more, better and more useful external packaging, and most of these packaging must be completed by transfer. Therefore, the transfer operation has a wide and deep shopping space.

Although water transfer printing is characterized by its easy-to-use and low-cost production, it will have a greater advantage in transfer operations, and it is also a delicate and fashionable product. However, high temperature and image preservation such as electrical appliances and metal aluminum For products with higher time requirements, the effect of thermal transfer can not be compared with water transfer, so thermal transfer technology will win with the benefits of low cost, strong imaging, and long storage time. According to its corresponding shopping mall ratio, its shopping mall vision is still very broad, and it is not even lost to water transfer. Of course, water transfer and thermal transfer have their own advantages, and they can even complement each other. Therefore, brothers who are engaged in the transfer industry may wish to consider both.