Make Stuff And End The Process

Make Stuff And End The Process

Apr 03, 2020

The selected thermal transfer technology can be widely applied to objects such as porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton textiles, etc., but because thermal transfer is constrained by the heated area and the shape of the object, about objects with different areas and shapes Usually need to use specific production things, the common thermal transfer production at that time mainly include tablet machine (heat press machine), baking machine, baking cup machine, etc., but after all, their production methods are based on the principle of thermal transfer , So the production process and process are similar, but the use of thermal transfer things are not the same. The following uses a tablet to transfer images to clothes as an example to explain the process and process of thermal transfer production.

Step 1: Print the image through a colorful inkjet printer.

Step 2: Put the printed image aside first, and transfer it in about 15 to 20 minutes. When transferring, place the printed image on the clothes, with the image side facing down, and then adjust the time according to the needs of the thermal transfer device (usually 20 seconds), and close the heating sheet of the device (Note : The cotton T-shirt is sprayed with a little deepening agent on the printing area before transfer, and it must be dried before heat transfer. The effect is to change the color of the ink by heat pressure and advance the beautiful effect of the ink on the clothing) .

Step 3: In order to prevent the clothes from yellowing due to too high temperature, you can put a piece of interlining on the clothes and then heat transfer. After the time of the thermal transfer device alarms, lift the heating sheet, open the image paper actively, remove the clothes, and turn off the power of the device.

Step 4: At the end, wait for the temperature of the clothes to cool down, stack the bags, and then finish the whole thermal transfer production, and make them into products.