Introduction Of Thermal Transfer Printer

Introduction Of Thermal Transfer Printer

Jul 13, 2020

Introduction of Thermal Transfer Printer

Printers can be divided into many categories, but most printers that people recognize are usually inkjet printer or Laser printing, but you may not have noticed that almost all commodities around us are applied with labels printed by thermal transfer technology. For example, when you open the phone case,

You can see the dense labels with barcodes inside. And the wheat with premium packing case normally will have a product label with barcodes printed by thermal transfer technology. In addition, when buying clothing, tags are also printed by thermal transfer printer. Especially electrical products, on the back of them, you can see more than one label printed by thermal transfer printer. For example, on a laptop computer, there are more than one label printed by this way.

Why use thermal transfer printing, and how does thermal transfer printer appear?

Because there are many labels, they are required to be able to withstand the test of time, resist deformation, resist color fade, resist solvents, resist high temperature. In this case, it is important to use specific mediuml and printing technology to make sure all these requirements are met. Howerver, no matter the inkjet printing or laser printing, they can not achieved, that's why thermal transfer printing appears.

Thermal transfer technology, simply speaking, is to use a special carbon ribbon, through the work of a facsimile printing head,  transfer the carbon coating on the ribbon to paper or other types of materials by heating. Because the coating material on the carbon ribbon can be selected according to the needs, it ensure strong adhesion, plus the printing medium can also be selected. These two factors can ensure that the printed information will be less affected by the environment. And this heating process, how to increase heat, it can be controlled by the computer. At present, due to the development of a variety of special software for printing labels, it become very convenient for users. The generation of codes and bar code symbols has therefore become an essential tool for such software.

The general printer design is usually designed for the size of A4 paper.

With this design, the paper on which the labels are printed must be specially ordered, which is very uneconomical for the factory. Sometimes it is necessary to print thousands of sheets in an hour which is the task that these existing printers on the market all can not completed.  So,  a printer that can print continuously and quickly for small paper came into being.