Introduction Of Performance Characteristics Of LinxTT5 / TT10

Introduction Of Performance Characteristics Of LinxTT5 / TT10

Mar 18, 2020

1. LinxTT5 / TT10 can improve the normal working time of the production line

Linx TT5 is equipped with a ribbon of up to 1200 meters, which reduces the frequency of ribbon replacement and improves the efficiency of the growth line. Linx TT5 and TT10 use a motor instead of a clutch to control the ribbon, minimizing the risk of ribbon breakage.

2. Lower acquisition cost

The bi-directional motor drives the ribbon winding and unwinding shaft, which improves the printing volume of each ribbon, and the gap between messages is only 0.5 mm.

3. Excellent flexibility

The design of Linx TT5 guarantees a flexible change between gap and continuous printing modes and left and right hand operation.

4. Easy to use

The color touch screen is easy to use, has fewer errors, and is barrier-free operation. Comprehensive online diagnostic package to optimize production efficiency, efficient use of consumables, and no overprinting will occur.