Benefits Of Thermal Transfer Technology

Benefits Of Thermal Transfer Technology

Apr 07, 2020

Typically, with the aging and widespread technology, the quotation of thermal transfer printers has dropped to a level that is generally acceptable to the general public, and now BRADY's handheld thermal transfer identification label printer TLS2200 quotations are all below 10,000 yuan. However, many people still don't know that with the price reduction of printing supplies, direct printing is actually cheaper than the cost of printing.

Specifically, the main benefits of thermal transfer are: it can be printed in a small amount and diversely, and it does not constitute waste. It can be printed even with only one sheet. Using the advantages of bar codes and the use of collaborative scanning guns, we can reduce the time and cost of manual disposal. You can print various graphics according to your needs, especially the company's logo and certification. You can print the serial number to find the product. It can be connected to the company's database information for quick access to data printing. It can be applied to the production line to find products at any time to avoid excess materials. It can be used in warehouse processing to keep up to date with the latest inventory. Tickets or various receipts can be printed with high speed and higher quality. You can choose label printing that is resistant to high temperature, corrosion or strong adhesive type according to your needs. Can print very quickly, the fastest speed can reach 15cm length per second. Coupled with the use of cutting knives, it can be cut immediately, which is very ambitious for tickets. Corrected by computer, the printing content and printing effect are not inferior to printing. Using system integration solutions, with barcode labels as the preamble, all processing systems such as buying, producing, warehousing, logistics, and sales have been improved.