Application For Different Type Of Ribbon

Application For Different Type Of Ribbon

Jul 04, 2020

    For thermal transfer ribbon, there are three main categories : wax, wax/resin and full resin.


    Wax / Resin : The addition of resin to a wax / resin thermal transfer ribbon makes it more resistant to smudging or smearing.


    Since the waxes we use, in general, have lower melting points than the resins used, printing with wax ribbons typically requires less energy than printing with wax / resin or resin ribbons.


    Since most waxes used tend to be softer than the resins used, image durability for wax ribbons is typically less than that of wax / resin and resin ribbons.


    Carbon Black is the pigment used as the colorant for all of our black ribbons, including wax, wax / resin, and resin products.


    Applications well suited for wax - resin ribbons include : bar code labels, shipping labels, pharmaceutical and prescription labels, and shelf and bin labels.


    Resin enhanced wax ribbons are most commonly used for shipping labels, bar - code labels, shelf labels, agriculture / horticulture labels, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, automotive labels and many more.


    Applications that are well suited for full wax ribbons include : shipping labels, shelf and bin labels, retail labels, and warehouse labels.


    Wax / resin ribbons are most commonly used for shipping labels, bar - code labels, flexible packaging, automotive parts, retail, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical drums and many more.


    Resin ribbons are most commonly used for chemical & oil drum labels, medical labels, CD / DVD case labeling, consumer goods, electronics, automotive and many more. 


    Use the above guidelines can help you select the right ribbon to ensure that your labels are readable, scannable and durable. 


    To take a look at what we can offer, or get help selecting the best ribbon for your thermal transfer printer, contact us.


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    If you aren't sure which thermal transfer printer ribbon is best for your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us for advice.