Heat Resistant Barcode Labels

Hest Resistant
Thermal transfer and dot matrix printable
Compatible with lead-free solder reflow process


Description of Heat Resistant Barcode Labels


Heat resistant barcode label is a polyimide film product that offers ultra-high temperature performance. Kuanlang supply a wide range of high-performance polyimide labels (often referred to as Kapton labels) that are engineered to perform in PCB assembly and cleaning processes.Specifically, Polyimide thermal transfer labels are designed to withstand high temperatures and the associated chemicals, cleaners and solvents of the PCB manufacturing process.


Features of Heat Resistant Barcode Labels


  • Matte white thermal transfer topcoat for easy readability of barcodes and variable information.

  • High temperature label stock: Acrylic and polyimide materials

  • Durable and UV resistant

  • Thermal transfer and dot matrix printable

  • Compatible with lead-free solder reflow process


Product Display Of Heat Resistant Barcode Labels

Physical Characteristics

Standard Values


Polyimide Film             

Release Paper:


Adhesive Type:


Adhesive Thickness:


Backing Thickness:

0.05±0.004 mm

Coating Thickness:


Release Paper Thickness:

0.078±0.006 mm



Peel Strength:

18±5 gm/25mm

Short Term Temperature:     


Long Term Temperature:

280℃ *10min


0.6↑ kg /25mm


Images of Heat Resistant Barcode Labels

 high temp resistant labels

heat proof labels

waterproof and heat resistant labels

heat resistant label maker

heat resistant tags


How To Choose the Right Labels?


1. What material of label you need?

2. What effect of label you need?

3. What product the label will be used for?

4. What roll core diameter of label you need?

5. What the brand of your label printer?

6. How many labels do you need?

7. What size labels do you need?

With these details information, so that we can provide you the right labels, and best barcode solutions. Please contact us right now!


Adhesive Label Materials:


Coated Paper: low cost,will tear and can get damaged but widely used for product, shipping, or any other indoor use applications. When using thermal transfer paper media you will need to use wax ribbon.


Synthetic Paper: waterproof, anti-oil, heat-resistant, will not tear,  used for anti-heat labels,  shipping carton labels etc, when using synthesis label, you will need to use wax/resin ribbon.


PET Paper:  waterproof, anti-oil, heat-resistant, will not tear, used for electronic product labels,  jewelry labels, anti-heat labels, when using PET or siliver PET paper, you will need to use resin ribbon.


High Temperature Polyimide: waterproof,anti-oil, heat-resistant, temperature can up to 280°C -320°C, will not tear used for vehicle tag and chemical barrel label,moblie phone labels, lithium battery labels, medical equipment labels etc, when using such high temeperature polyimide labels, you will need to use resin ribbon.

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