What problems will occur during the use of barcode ribbon

What problems will occur during the use of barcode ribbon

Mar 16, 2020

What are the general product quality problems of bar code ribbons? Bar code ribbons are a new type of bar code copier consumables coated with printing ink on one side of the polyester film and lubricant on the other side to avoid damage to the printer nozzle. The supporting facilities are used in label printers. According to the calorific value and working pressure effect of the printer head of the label printer, the ribbon will transfer the relative text and barcode information content to the logo.

① Carbon contains pinholes (steam bubbles): This is caused by printing ink not being applied. Will cause incomplete characters when copying.

②The ribbon is wrinkled: Because the tension control system software has a problem during segmentation, it will cause no copy on a small area of the carbon. Because the melting temperature of the double-layer ribbon far exceeds the temperature of one layer.

③ Carbon contains blank pages: because the light film is not handled properly, it will cause not all blank pages to be exceeded.

④The dimensional tolerance of the nominal diameter of the paper core is too large or too small: it will not fit into the copier or the ribbon will not rise.

⑤ When the temperature is too high during transportation, the ribbon will stick together.

⑥Whether the paper core is running or not: It will cause tape breakage, and the edge cannot be copied.

⑦ The length of the ribbon is insufficient.

⑧In the production and processing of the ribbon, the coiling is too tight or the pressure is released too much, which makes it impossible to match the copier during the operation of the ribbon.