What is the common barcode carbon

What is the common barcode carbon

Dec 02, 2020

According to the composition of raw materials, the barcode ribbon can be divided into three types: wax-based ribbon, resin ribbon, and half-grease and half-wax mixed ribbon.

Wax-based ribbon: Wax-based and carbon black are the key raw materials. Wax-based ribbon is a cost-effective ribbon for economic development. The key is for printing on general printing paper. When using wax-based ribbon, pay special attention to cooperation with printing paper. Materials with slightly convex and concave surface touches, uncomfortable use for surface smooth materials, such as: PET material products.

Semi-grease and semi-wax ribbon: The key is to use wax and epoxy resin as coating raw materials. The mixing ratio can be changed according to your own requirements. The key is to use raw materials with smooth surface and products with strict requirements on the surface.