What are the advantages of bar code printers compared to ordinary copiers

What are the advantages of bar code printers compared to ordinary copiers

Mar 12, 2020

As an output device, the copier is quite common in people's work and daily life. For example, the invoice machine for copying invoices at the mall checkout; the color printer for copying text documents such as materials and article content; there are also technical and professional copiers used by some companies. The items copied by this copier are all for food, clothing and housing Closely related. Everyone is very curious, and the barcode printer has never been seen, but I believe that everyone is familiar with the "scan", "check", "Alipay wallet", "commodity barcode", this is all used Those copied by a professional barcode printer and attached with information content. There are also clothing labels, train tickets, various signs, packaging signs, etc. are all copied with a barcode printer. What is the difference between a bar code printer and a general copier? The following Sheng Hi-Tech introduces everyone in detail about the differences:

①The copied content is different, and the application category is also different.

The difference between the precision of copying and the method of copying determines the manufacturing scope of their application. The contents copied by the bar code printer include product packaging, carton outer box, household appliances, well-known brand logos, product logos, bar code logos, management methods, manufacturing, jewelry, clothing labels, train tickets and other logos, bar codes are all bar codes Copied by the printer.

②The copying method is different, the simple principle is different. This determines that their application areas are different.

A bar code printer means copying with ribbon or thermal paper. This type of copying method enables it to continue to run fast, even in the absence of care. But ordinary copiers cannot do this.

③The paper version used is different.

There are many materials that can be copied by barcode printers, and they can copy PET, coated paper, thermal printing paper stickers and their composite materials such as polyester, PVC, and water-washed fabrics. The text and graphics have the practical effect of anti-scratch, and the use of unique ribbon copy can make the copy products have the characteristics of moisture resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc. The most common type of general copiers is the general paper type, such as A4 paper, invoice paper Wait, although it is possible to use barcode paper, the actual results of its copying are not very good, so it is generally not easy to do that, which is too extravagant and wasteful.

④ Strong copy precision.

The "black and white bars" (or "bar empty") in the bar code express the content of the information according to their different total width changes. Therefore, the precise level of the total width of the "black and white bars" on the bar code Recognition causes considerable harm. Only accurate precision can ensure the identification and loading of barcodes. This level of precision is determined by the bar code software and the related copier. The technically professional barcode printing software is based on the precision of the copier and the barcode data information of the customer's design plan to calculate the total width of the black and white stripes. When copying, the operation is carried out according to the manufacturing function of the copier's bar code to ensure that the bar code copied out is consistent with the bar code of the design scheme. The general photocopier means that the barcode is copied as a detailed image onto the sticker. It is a bit difficult to load the output device such as the code scanner.

⑤ Copy rate and copy volume are different.

In the proper practical operation method and excellent maintenance, the barcode printer can work continuously for 24 hours, and the copy volume is not limited. Barcode printers have a faster copy rate than ordinary copiers. Suitable for serial number (bar code plasticity) copying, it can store the logo file format prepared by the customer in advance, or enable the data information in the database query to carry out mass and continuous copying. Bar code printers need to use logos (rolls) to carry out copying for enterprises. Generally, all copiers are used for copying. It is not difficult to see that the difference between bar code printers and general copiers is quite large.