Thermal transfer ribbon application field and working principle

Thermal transfer ribbon application field and working principle

Jun 03, 2020

Application field
Thermal transfer ribbon is a very versatile product with a huge amount of use. With the rapid development of China's information technology and the continuous expansion and deepening of computer application fields, people's demand for high-speed, high-quality output printing is increasing, and the traditional printing methods in the market are in terms of price, print quality, and printing speed. It is difficult to meet users' all-round needs. Due to the use of high-strength ultra-thin film and high-concentration ink, and the single-use method, the thermal transfer ribbon has high quality of printed characters and long service life of the ribbon, and it overcomes the inkjet blotting paper and is easy to dissolve Water and other defects, the thermal transfer method does not have any requirements on the printing medium, and can achieve high-definition printing on plain paper, recycled paper, wax paper, ordinary film, envelopes, label paper, and fabric.
working principle
The thermal transfer imaging method was invented by Mille in 1953. With the development of microelectronics technology, lithography technology, semiconductor electrothermal element technology and laser technology, especially the development of high-sensitivity thermal transfer imaging functional material technology, thermal transfer As a non-contact printing computer peripheral hard output device, the printer has become a special printer with a high market share. The thermodynamic principle of imaging is to drive the semiconductor electric head or laser through computer signals to transfer heat to the imaging material of the support, so that the imaging material is thermally melted and transferred to the imaging medium to form text and images. The thermal transfer imaging material is coated on the tape base and is called thermal transfer carbon ribbon or thermal transfer ribbon.