Repair method of bar code printer error light on

Repair method of bar code printer error light on

Dec 20, 2020

1. The error indicator (red light) is always on

Check whether the printing mechanism of the printer is tightly pressed.

2. The error indicator (red light) flashes

Shut down the machine, perform initialization and sensor calibration. If the paper is discharged normally, the possibility of hardware failure can be eliminated. If the paper is not normal. Please check whether the consumables are installed properly; whether the paper matches the ribbon.

3. Machine initialization and sensor calibration method one

a) Press the PAUSE and FEED buttons with two fingers at the same time, do not let go, and turn on the phone at the same time.

b) When the three lights flash in turn, just release the FEED button. When the paper is fed, release the PAUSE button. The normal output is about 2-3 sheets of label paper.

c) Press the FEED key, and the normal paper output is the height of a piece of label paper. And stop at the normal tear-off position.