Principle of thermal transfer printing technology

Principle of thermal transfer printing technology

Mar 18, 2020


Why use thermal transfer printing, and how does thermal transfer occur?

Because there are many labels, it must be able to withstand the test of time; long-term unchanged, the text must be stored for a long time, can not fade, can not wear out because of contact with the solvent or deformed and discolored due to high temperature, etc., it is necessary to adopt Special material printing media and printing materials to ensure these characteristics, the general inkjet printing technology can not achieve, laser printing can not be achieved, and the effect of the needle and the original design can not meet the requirements, so the emergence of thermal transfer technology .


Thermal transfer technology, in simple terms, uses a special ribbon to transfer the toner coating on the ribbon to paper or other types of materials through the heating principle similar to the print head of a fax machine. In the above, since the coating material on the carbon ribbon can be selected according to the needs, it has strong adhesion, and the choice of printing medium can ensure that the printed handwriting is not affected by the outside world. How to heat this heating process can be controlled by a computer. At present, since various software has been developed specifically for printing labels, it is very convenient for users, especially the general Labels must generate barcodes, and the generation of barcode symbols has therefore become an essential tool for such software.