Label Ribbon Classification

Label Ribbon Classification

Mar 22, 2020

Wax-based ribbon

That is, the product is made of wax and carbon black (assumed to be a black carbon ribbon) as the main materials as the coating material. Wax-based ribbons are the most economical and inexpensive ribbons, mainly used for printing on general paper. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of wax-based ribbons in conjunction with paper. Wax-based ribbons are used for materials with a slightly uneven surface feel It is not suitable for products with smooth surface like mirror, such as PET material. The wax-based ribbons occupy about 70% of the market and are commonly used for printing large-sized paper labels such as wheat heads.

Resin Ribbon

If the printed materials must be able to resist solvents and high temperatures, etc., used for chemical product packaging, or must be resistant to high temperatures, used in heating parts of electrical appliances, or must be printed on special PET and other chemical products, it is recommended to use resin ribbon Because the resin material can meet the above requirements, but this kind of ribbon is usually relatively expensive, but the printing effect must still be matched with paper / printing media to achieve the best printing level.

Half fat half wax ribbon

It is a product that uses wax and resin as the main materials as a coating material. The mixing ratio changes with the need. It is mainly used for materials with relatively smooth surfaces. Generally, products with strict surface requirements are suitable for use. For example, the label of ordinary consumable products is manifested by the advantages of combining the above two types of carbon ribbon And made.