Know Your Options Before Buying Thermal Transfer Label

Know Your Options Before Buying Thermal Transfer Label

Nov 06, 2020

A high-quality thermal transfer label with tamper evident polyurethane sealant is a must in any business environment. The tamper evident label is designed to ensure that no one can put a counterfeit stamp on the label. The foil on the label has UV and fade resistance. This is important for businesses as the value of the label is increased if it is more resistant to damage from sunlight and fading. A simple thermal transfer paper label is a good solution for this.

Thermal transfer paper is the most popular form of thermal labels for packaging purposes. The thermal transfer labels are also available in two types - paper and thermal foil labels. Thermal foil labels for boxes and tubes are very simple to make and use. They are easy to maintain and are durable.

However, thermal foil labels for packaging boxes are more expensive. These types of labels are made from high-quality thermal paper but also have the foil added to them to prevent the foil from fading and scratching. When using thermal foil labels for packaging, they should be replaced periodically so as not to allow the foil to peel away from the paper. The foil can be easily removed by simply applying heat to the label.

The thermal transfer paper is laminated to give it superior strength, UV, and scratch resistance properties. The thermal transfer paper laminated to high-quality paper is strong and long lasting. The laminated paper is machine washable if you use the appropriate detergent.

The foil thermal transfer paper has a laminated foil backing to the printed label which is almost invisible when folded or rolled over. The backing on the foil is impervious to the UV rays and fading. The backing is also a durable and thick material making the thermal transfer label long lasting and weather proof. The foil backing also makes the thermal transfer paper very thin when compared with other thermal labels. The foil backing prevents dust, dirt, and grime from penetrating into the thermal transfer paper. This will also protect the thermal paper from damage.

There are many different manufacturers offering thermal foil labels and these companies offer a wide range of options including sizes, styles, colors, patterns, shapes, and designs. These companies also provide custom made thermal foil labels for specific applications. You can find the best manufacturers offering the highest quality thermal transfer labels at online wholesale and discount price stores that offer affordable price tags.