How to store stickers

How to store stickers

Dec 26, 2020

1. When we store the barcode label, it should be placed at room temperature, the temperature should not be too high or too low, it should be about 25 degrees, 60% humidity.

Note: Do not expose to direct sunlight or rain.

2. When the barcode labels are stored, they should not be stacked too high, they should be laid flat and not folded. Because when the pressure of the barcode label itself is too great, the glue will easily overflow, which will cause the labels to stick together.

3. Pay attention to temperature and humidity when using. For different items, choose different materials and glues. Store in categories when saving

4. The barcode label should be sealed after use. Try to use up the label within two years as much as possible to prevent the glue and coating material from changing due to too long time and affecting the use effect.