How to identify the pros and cons of thermal labels

How to identify the pros and cons of thermal labels

Dec 01, 2020

The quality of thermal label paper on the current market is uneven, and most users do not know how to distinguish the quality of thermal label paper.Let me share with you three common methods for identifying the pros and cons of thermal label paper.

1.Appearance: If the paper is white, it means that the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper are unreasonable. If too much phosphor is added, the better paper should be slightly green. The paper is not smooth or looks uneven, indicating that the paper coating is not uniform. If the paper seems to reflect very strong light, too much phosphor is added, and the quality is not good.

2.Fire roasting: The method of roasting with fire is also very simple. Use a lighter to heat the back of the paper. If the color on the paper is brown after heating, it means that the heat-sensitive formula is not reasonable and the storage time may be relatively short. The black part has small streaks or uneven color blocks, indicating that the coating is uneven. The paper with better quality should be black-green (with a little green) after heating, and the color blocks should be uniform, and the color gradually fades from the center to the surroundings.

3.Sunlight contrast identification: smear the printed paper with a highlighter and then put it under the sun to expedite the reaction of the thermal coating to light. Which kind of paper turns black fastest, indicating the shorter the storage time.