How to extend the service life of barcode printers

How to extend the service life of barcode printers

Dec 15, 2020

1. Correct operation of barcode printer

   Whether the user's operation is correct or not has a great influence on the length of the service life of the barcode, such as machine settings and applications such as temperature and pressure.

2. Implement general maintenance

  The user should implement general maintenance according to the use situation and ensure the correct maintenance actions (including the use and maintenance of appliances and methods)

3. Regular professional maintenance and adjustment

If possible, professional technicians should be regularly asked to perform professional maintenance and adjustment of the barcode printer, so that the relevant parts of the printer can return to the best working condition.

4. Environmental factors

   Please turn off the power when the machine is not in use to keep the machine as low as possible. It is best to keep the machine at a temperature of 5~10 minutes when switching the power, and try to place it in a clean environment.