How to distinguish the quality of the bar code ribbon

How to distinguish the quality of the bar code ribbon

Mar 27, 2020

When we are copying bar code labels, in order to copy good practical results, apart from the copier and self-adhesive stickers, the quality of the bar code ribbon is also a top priority. But as a general matter, it is not easy to purchase a suitable barcode ribbon from the beginning; due to the different copying machines, the copying preferences also have a trace of entry and exit, plus the copying material is not the same, more very It is easy to jeopardize the actual effect of copying. Nowadays, with the development trend of automation technology, the production capacity of various manufacturing industries in China has improved, and the price of barcode ribbons is becoming more and more cost-effective. And if you want to buy from this to a cost-effective and powerful barcode ribbon, you must understand how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the barcode ribbon. Below is the deep bar code and everyone share some of the characteristics of shoddy bar code ribbon, so that you can make sure when choosing.

Characteristics of fake and inferior barcode ribbon:

① Barcode carbon has pinholes (steam bubbles): because the printing ink is not applied evenly, it will lead to incomplete pattern design during copying.

②Wrinkle of the barcode ribbon: Because the tension control system software has a problem during segmentation, it will cause no copy on a small area of the barcode ribbon. Because the melting temperature of the double-layer barcode ribbon is far beyond the temperature of the first layer.

③ Bar code carbon has blank pages: because the light film is not handled well, it will cause not all blank pages to be exceeded.

④The dimensional tolerance of the nominal diameter of the paper core is too large or too small: it will not fit into the copier or the shaft belt will not be able to get the barcode ribbon.

⑤ When the temperature is too high during transportation, the barcode ribbon will stick together.

⑥Whether the paper core is running or not: It will cause tape breakage, and the edge cannot be copied.

⑦The length of the barcode ribbon is insufficient.

⑧ Barcode ribbons are coiled too tightly or excessively released during the production and processing of barcode ribbons, resulting in the inability to match barcode copiers with copiers during operation.

⑨ Counterfeit and inferior, the wax component is too high, and the epoxy resin component is too little, resulting in not showing the advantages of mixed base.