How To Clean A Zebra Thermal Printer

How To Clean A Zebra Thermal Printer

Jul 03, 2020

Whatever the reason, cleaning your barcode printer is just as important and should be as routine as brushing your teeth. Despite the obvious advice, many companies do not take the time to clean their label printers. 

To keep your printer running smoothly, we suggest cleaning the printhead every day, constantly inserting new tapes, and cleaning its plate and rollers every time you change two rolls of labels. As an often underestimated element of a zebra printer, your printhead is the most important part of the printer. Thermal printers, especially those used in dirty industrial environments, print in direct thermal mode. Thermal printers are used for a variety of purposes, such as printing on direct and thermal modes. 

You can extend the life of your printhead with proper, appropriate and regular care, but proper care and maintenance are needed to ensure that you print high-quality labels and that your life on the printhead does not wane. 

This in turn extends the time before you need to buy a new printhead, which in turn increases your printing costs and the amount of ink you have at your disposal in the long run. 

Finally, in order to extend the life of your print head, make sure you use the right tape. If you use a ribbon printer that doesn't exactly fit your printer or is too tight, you risk scratching it. It is not cost-effective to use cheap or low-quality tapes, as this in turn requires more pressure and heat to maintain good pressure, resulting in increased wear on the print heads. 

When you buy a new ribbon for your Zebra thermal transfer printer, it is a good rule of thumb to buy a ribbon of the same quality as the actual label you are going to use. If you use direct thermal labels that do not require ribbon, GenuineZebra direct thermal labels will help your print heads reach maximum consumption before they need to be replaced. Thermal transfer printers can extend the life of your thermal printhead if the paper does not rub directly against the printhead itself or cause friction. 

This high-quality tape protects your print head from abrasion by moving the label during printing. It is also recommended to use a tape slightly larger than your label warehouse to prevent the tape from directly exposing the print heads to the labels. The extra width will help to keep more lubrication on the printhead and extend its service life. 

With a complete range of suppliers, Weber Marking Systems is able to supply you with the best quality labels for your tailor-made needs. Maintenance of your label printer is perfect for all types of labels, not just those with a high-quality printhead. 

In addition, with a little extra care, you can save a lot of money on repairs and replacement for repairs or replacement. Learn more about cleaning and servicing your Zebra Thermal Printer and its parts in this blog post. 

The printhead is not only the most important part of your label printer but also very sensitive. Maintaining clean print heads can reduce replacement costs by extending the life of the print head and improving the performance of a printer. Have your print - head clean kit ready for regular print head maintenance and ensure optimum printing performance with the Zebra Thermal Printer Print Head Clean Kit. 

With the Zebra Thermal Printer Print Head Clean Kit and other print head cleaners, you can extend the life of the print head without compromising print quality.

For more information on this topic, please refer to your printer's manual or just give us a call. 

Generic third-party printheads are available for the most popular label printers such as the Zebra. If you only use the Zebra medium during the lifetime of your printer, you can also replace the printhead with a generic third-party printhead. When replacing your printhead, check your System ID to see if the printer manufacturer offers a replacement program. 

If you need to adjust the heat settings after installing the generic printhead, this could shorten the life of your barcode printer and end the manufacturer's warranty.

If you do not choose the right tape label medium for your specific printer, you will shorten the life of your printer. While you can try to save money by buying inexpensive ribbon media for labels, the printer may not be as efficient as more expensive label media such as paper or ribbons. You will not achieve the same efficiency as if you run the printers at high temperatures and still produce quality labels. One of the main advantages of using a thermal barcode printer is saving time and money. 

By cleaning your printer regularly, you can resolve any problems you may have with the use of bad materials, as well as any problems with the printer.