How to choose the self-adhesive label material?

How to choose the self-adhesive label material?

Jan 02, 2021

1. Coated paper sticker: a relatively thin PVC adhesive sticker, the advantage is that it is sticky, not easy to rise, basically it is not easy to peel off. This material is mostly used for temporary stickers, trademark stickers, label stickers, packaging stickers, etc.

2. Reflective stickers: it can reflect light by lighting. This material has the advantages of waterproof and sunscreen, good adhesion, and high gloss. It is often used in the market for Cheyouhui car logo.

3. PVC transparent sticker: a kind of eco-solvent sticker. Its advantage is that it can transmit light and has high light transmittance. It is generally pasted on glass or materials with good light transmittance, and it is characterized by waterproof and sunscreen.

4. 3M car stickers: There are two materials on the market, blue label and red label. The blue label is mostly processed and produced in China, and the red label is the material produced by South Korea. The red label is of excellent workmanship and excellent reputation. Suitable for making car stickers, high-definition outdoor photos, subway advertisements, ground stickers, etc. It is easier to clean without leaving glue.

5. Imported Avery stickers: the same material as 3M, soft material, high drawing depth, suitable for large-scale color change of cars, and also very good in other applications, such as trademark stickers, advertising stickers, packaging stickers, etc.