How to change the barcode ribbon

How to change the barcode ribbon

Apr 06, 2020

Step: Open the lid of the bar code machine, and then lift the bar next to the machine head. After a while, the bar code paper and the carbon ribbon must be passed under this. Many people will be stuck here if they do not change.

Step 2: Take out the shaft of the barcode paper, pull out the baffles on both sides, install the new barcode paper, pay attention to the direction, and eject the paper upward.

Step 3: Pass the barcode paper under the machine head.

Part 4: Push the two clips under the head to the middle, just press the paper. Note: It must be just right, not tight, the paper will warp when it is tight, and it will be crooked when it is loose.

In this way, the barcode paper is basically replaced. Press down the machine head and try printing a few sheets!