Barcode ribbon purchase tips

Barcode ribbon purchase tips

Apr 01, 2020

1. Bar code carbon has pinholes (bubbles): caused by uncoated ink. Will cause unclear printing results.

2. Bar code ribbon wrinkle: Due to a problem with the tension control system during slitting, it will cause a small area on the bar code ribbon to print without words.

3. Bar code carbon with blanks: As the light film is not processed well, it will cause a small part to be blank.

4. The tolerance of the inner diameter of the paper core is too large or too small: the barcode ribbon cannot be installed in the barcode printer or the reel cannot take the barcode ribbon.

5. The temperature is too high when printing, it will cause the barcode ribbon to stick together.

6. Whether the core of paper is running or not: it will cause tape breakage and the edge will not be printed.

7. The barcode ribbon is not long enough.

8. When the barcode ribbon is processed, the winding is too tight or too loose, so that the barcode ribbon cannot be synchronized with the printer during operation.

9. The second-best charge, the wax-based composition is too high, and the resin composition is too little, resulting in the inability to show the advantages of mixed-based.

Generally speaking, different printers have different printing preferences, and with different labels, it will affect the printing effect. The price of bar code ribbons can be said to be lower as the domestic processing capacity becomes more and more popular.

In addition, a few imported barcode printers specify the use of special printing ribbons, the effect of which is not necessarily significantly better than the general printing effect, and the barcode ribbons are very expensive. This is where special attention must be paid when purchasing printers. Because, the price of universal thermal transfer barcode ribbons has been lowered, and its price is already lower than that of inkjet printing inks, and it is the same as that of laser printers.

In addition, color bar code ribbons must also be paid attention to when purchasing. There are not many color bar code ribbons in China.