Barcode ribbon analysis

Barcode ribbon analysis

Mar 11, 2020

In the automatic retrieval technology, the barcode ribbon has the following characteristics:

① Easy to use, very easy to get started. Bar code marking is very easy to make, and the actual operation of the scanner is effective.

② Fast typing, faster data collection speed. The input rate of the computer keyboard of a general electronic computer is 200 spaces / minute, and the rate of using the barcode to identify the content of the input information is 20 times that of the computer keyboard.

③ Type properly and have high credibility. Computer keyboard enters data information, the error rate is 3%, using electronic optical character recognition technology, the error rate is about 1 in 10,000, and the bar code recognition entry method is used, the error rate is only one million One, the first reading rate reached about 98%.

④ Handy and easy to use. Barcode marking can be used independently as a resolution method, and can also be related to related machinery and equipment: label printers, barcode scanners, data collectors and other barcode machine equipment to form identification technology to maintain automatic technical resolution, and can also be connected with other control systems Maintain an automated technical management method for all system software. In addition, when there is no automatic retrieval machine, the keyboard input can also be kept handmade.

⑤ Great playability. The playability of the loading device relative to the barcode label is much greater. Bar codes generally only express information content in one dimension, and the information content expressed on the same bar code is completely consistent and continuous, so that even if a part of the logo is missing, the appropriate information content can still be typed from all normal parts.

⑥ The cost of discrimination mark and the cost of bar code equipment involved in the barcode automatic retrieval system software are extremely low. It is very bar code marking, even if it is a one-time application, it is not easy to incur much extra cost, especially in the case of a large number of packaging printing. This feature makes RFID technology have unparalleled advantages in some major uses. Secondly, the structure of bar code mark recognition equipment is simple, the cost is cheap, the actual operation is very easy, and it is suitable for many industries and workplaces.

⑦ Ability to carry out non-touch loading (barcode scanners read articles immediately), be able to select loading equipment (portable / mobile / multi-directional scanner service platform) consistent with the main purpose, and be able to use according to the natural environment.