Advantages of waterproof labels

Advantages of waterproof labels

Jan 13, 2021

1. Convenient and fast query

Consumers can use mobile phone WeChat scan code identification to accurately query product information at any time, which is very convenient, simple and fast.

2. Effective communication

Timely check the interaction between consumers and the company through product information, or consumer groups, and enhance the trust of the brand.

3.accurate statistics

Accurate statistics on the number of customers, product categories and other behaviors, and obtain real-time feedback from consumers.

4.brand promotion, powder absorption function

Use QR codes to divert mobile customer traffic to the system platform to increase website click-through rates and conversion rates into transaction traffic; combine QR codes to increase fans through current popular methods.

5.combat counterfeiting

Attach the QR code label to the product, and the user only needs to scan it with a mobile phone to immediately identify the authenticity, and push product pictures and anti-channeling information to customers. Increasing the cost of counterfeiting by counterfeiters, making it unprofitable.