Advantages of synthetic label paper

Advantages of synthetic label paper

Nov 30, 2020

1.Synthetic paper labels have high durability, abrasion resistance and folding resistance, high strength, and anti-puncture and tear-resistant effects. It is 100% waterproof, greaseproof and chemical resistant. Long shelf life, mothproof and anticorrosive.

2. The synthetic paper label has a smooth surface, stable size, easy processing, and easy printing and writing. The shielding performance is good, and the UV stability is very high. It has excellent ink receptivity, high-quality printing performance, and can ensure good printing quality when printing with a barcode printer.

3. Synthetic paper label is very economical and environmentally friendly. Its raw material source is not from natural trees like traditional paper, so it will not cause harm to the environment. Synthetic paper has a relatively light weight.

4. Synthetic paper label has texture, strong tensile strength, high water resistance, light and cold and heat resistance, and can resist chemical corrosion without environmental pollution, good air permeability, environmental protection and safety.